Fighting against epidemic disease 丨 Beijing Football Association opens online courses, online teaching interaction is very lively

Fighting against “epidemic disease” ? Beijing Football Association opens online courses, online teaching interaction is very lively
The Japanese youth training director of Beijing Baxi, Tsukada Yuji, shoots training videos.The video comes from the Beijing Football Association suffered from the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. The referee, coach training and youth incidents of the Beijing Football Association are suspended, but this time is not a blank. “Cloud teaching” has become the theme of football training.”Cloud teaching” does not need to be mobilized. During the epidemic prevention at home, the “Cloud Teaching” content released by the Beijing Football Association covers a lot of things-some coaches teach how to practice the ball at home.The core quality practice, various action video explanations provided by various youth training institutions . When interviewed by Sauna, Yewang, Dong Yu, senior director of the Comprehensive Department of the Municipal Football Association, disclosed that when he proposed the “cloud teaching” plan, coaches, referees andYouth training institutions do not need to be mobilized. “The Municipal Sports Bureau and the Sports Federation issued relevant advocacy before, and we conveyed this idea to the coaching staff.After that, we did not encounter any difficulties in our work. Everyone was particularly enthusiastic about recording video and providing us with the material.”The epidemic has had a big impact on football youth training institutions. Too many youth training institutions in Beijing also helped the football” cloud teaching “through the platform of the Municipal Football Association.A set of training videos can be done at home.Special prizes for special people. From March 2 to March 7, the Beijing Football Association launched six issues of “Football Knowledge Quiz”, which includes many cold knowledge of football, such as how much football pressure isDoes the jacket you wear have sleeves and so on.The self-confidence of Xiaozhi is not small. The readers who answered all the questions correctly in the second period only accounted for 40% of the total number of respondents, and the fifth period hit a new low of 39%.Among the few “good students” in each issue, a special answerer caught the attention of the Municipal Football Association.Dong Yu told the sauna, Yewang: “We will send a gift to all the readers who answered correctly in each issue. At that time, we found that one reader left the address of a special education school in Fujian.”The Municipal Football Association then contacted the winner and knew that he was the physical education teacher of this school. Too many children in the school are very enthusiastic about football. They often participate in local competitions and substitute students have been to Beijing.Participate.The City Football Association made adjustments to the prizes immediately. Dong Yu published: “We send a football to other winning readers. After learning about these situations, we sent ten footballs to this teacher, hoping to do something for them.what.In addition to the introduction of home epidemic prevention and other content, the Beijing Football Association will also become a “thinking period” at this stage-use this time to improve various internal relevant systems including the campus and refine the construction of various event systems.In the future, the Municipal Football Association will consider the online training plan for coaches and referees, and explore new contents of “net courses”.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Xiao editor Zhang Yunfeng proofread Zhao Lin