[How to adjust the brine to black]_How to adjust_How to adjust

[How to adjust the brine to black]_How to adjust_How to adjust

The brine we use every time can be reused. Some old shops specializing in Lu cuisine can even use it for a long time.

The dishes from the old brine have never been judged by the color of the dishes, or the taste of the dishes. They are much better than the new brine.

So when the brine turns black, what causes the brine to turn black?

How can I turn blackened brine back?

Why does the brine become black for a long time?

Reason: If you do n’t take the amount of sugar-colored oxidation with your brine, your brine will turn black. Conversely, your sugar-colored oxidation will not reach the amount of halogen-based oxidation. At this time, you should add sugar. This is a mouthful.formula.

Burning brine in an empty pot, and a small amount of brine in a large pot will accelerate the oxidation of sugar color, resulting in blackening of the brine.

Solution: After you blew things on the first day, all colors can be used. Then, when you blew the next day, should you add colors?

It ‘s not that you do n’t add color to the red, red, and white as long as it is halogenated (especially for some beginners) sometimes we may not add sugar to the brine for a few days, but the halogened things are still darker.This is caused by the too large amount of oxidation of our sugar color, so when your first pot of color halogen is very good, do not add color before the next day, do not add it, even if the halogenIf it is half-half to see the color of the raw material is a bit light, it is not too late to add some color at this time, everyone remember!

The brine color is dark, it is difficult to change, and it is easy to add it to the lighter.

Only by forcing practice and pondering carefully, your brine can also be well maintained, and it will be no problem for 100 years.